Not much more I can say. Read the reviews here and elsewhere. Housecall comes up on top for home inspectors in San Diego. I work as a local Realtor and I use this company for all of my home inspections. They explain things clearly and my buyers appreciate that.        -  JP, San Diego

Inspection Photos

Enjoy some inspection photos of home inspections done recently in San Diego.  Having photos like these stacks the deck in your favor and becomes a very powerful tool when negotiating your real estate purchase in San Diego.  We only use certified home inspectors and every week we save our clients far more than the cost of a home inspection.  Consider using Housecall Property Inspections for your real estate purchase and gain from our knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail.

Agents: is your current home inspector catching these deficiencies?


Inspection Photos from your San Diego Home Inspector


Housecall Property Inspections

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