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Summer Water Saving Landscape Ideas
Energy Conservation
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Is it possible to conserve water while having a beautiful landscape? Absolutely. Whether you wish to help save clean water supplies, reduce your water bill, or both, there are simple ways to accomplish this. A change in your watering habits can make a difference, as can a change in the plants you choose to plant. Consider the following water saving tips and ideas for your landscape this summer.
When considering new plants for your landscape, do some research to see which plant species need less watering. These are typically the varieties that grow in drier areas, and are capable of surviving drought conditions. Some feel that these varieties are not as lush and attractive as other plants. Should you be one of the people that feel this way, you may choose to use a mix of these varieties, as well as others. So consider separating the two in order to avoid over watering those who do not need much water.
Covering the existing soil around all plants with organic materials. Mulch and manure both promote growth while retaining water for a longer period of time. When a few inches of mulch are on top of the soil, it will prevent the soil from heating up and drying out quickly during the hot summer months. Consider adding new layers over time. Especially if the ground area in slanted and will promote erosion.
There are certain grass types that need less water. However, changing your grass type can be expensive and labor intensive. There is no need to change your grass in order to save water. One of the best water saving tips is to only water the lawn in the early morning hours. This will be the hours well before peak heating occurs. Watering during these hours will reduce the speed in which evaporation occurs, and will allow the lawn to benefit from the water for a longer period of time.
Soaker hoses are a better choice than sprinklers. Soaker hoses stay on the ground, allowing the water to go right into the soil. A great deal of the water that comes out of a sprinkler may land on leaves, rocks, or other elements that are not the actual grass, and wind currents (even slight) can carry the water outside the boundries of the lawn. Timers and sensors can also be used. Timers can be set to early morning watering, and sensors can be used to ensure that the system goes into standby if it's raining. These wireless sensors are easy to install, and not at all expensive. 
Each of these water saving tips can be used in all parts of the country. These methods can also be used in other seasons as well. You summer landscape need not look brown and barren in order to conserve water. The right plants, soil, and watering methods can make a world of difference in your water bill this summer. 

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Written on Saturday, 19 May 2012 00:00 by Darin Redding

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