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Wood Fireplace Inserts
Energy Conservation
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Combustion technology is being implemented in the wood fireplace inserts of today. This technology is helping to lower emissions and comply with environmental regulations. Complete combustion with less emissions is the ultimate goal. In order to increase the combustion level, secondary combustion methods have been developed. This secondary combustion not only helps reduce emission amounts, but also helps the fireplace operate in a more efficient manner.
Double combustion in modern fireplace inserts is accomplished via two paths of combustion air. One will be the wood burning chamber, the other is located just about the actual fire. The second ignites and captures combustion gases that are incomplete and would otherwise be release through the chimney. These dual paths significantly reduce emissions and the amount of incomplete combustion. This process also helps to reduce the fire hazard level that is often presented in standard fireplaces.
While proper combustion is important, so is the amount of heat that is released into the room. Fireplaces are often used to enable homeowners to turn down the thermostat in order to save electricity. Modern wood fireplace inserts come with a fan that will draw in cool air from the room and then redeposit it back out in the form of warm air. The air intake takes place along the bottom, with the warm air outflow taking place along the top. Auxiliary fans can be used to transfer heat to other rooms in the home via duct work.
Combustion leak concerns should be quite minimal, as interaction with room air is very limited. Outdoor air will be a part of the process, as it is drawn in and meets with the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger works to warm outside air, as well as prevent combustion gases from escaping into the living area. Energy efficiency could increase by as much as 70% when wood fireplace inserts are correctly installed. Should the room in which the fireplace is located allow for access to other parts of the home, or if a room heat is ducted and fanned into other rooms, this percentage could be even higher.
Air loss is prevented through gasket doors that are airtight, as well as ceramic glass door windows. This glass allows for a clear view of the fire, which is important, as many simply enjoy seeing the fireplace in action. The cost of the insert and installation will vary. However, this is one of the many home investments that should bring a total return over time, as heating costs should be reduced. The combination of the beauty of a roaring fire, with optimal room heating and proper combustion is what modern wood fireplace inserts offer.

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