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Blog Environmental Issues Should I Be Concerned About Mold Exposure?
Should I Be Concerned About Mold Exposure?
Environmental Issues
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Much ado is made over the risks associated with mold exposure. While it is true that high levels of mold can cause health problems, smaller levels should not cause a great amount of concern. When tested, nearly every home on the planet will test positive for some level of mold. This does not automatically mean that a serious problem exists, and certainly should not cause a home buyer to panic.
Mold growthMold can spread through drywall largely undetectedSerious mold problems are often made known through the senses. A musty odor is often associated with a high level of mold. It may also be visible in certain areas. Often, these are areas in which prolonged water exposure, such as flooding, has taken place. A home inspection will certainly expose a mold problem should one exist. Unacceptable levels of mold will need to be taken care of, and the cost of fixing such a problem can be quite high.
Children, pregnant women, those with immune deficiency diseases, the elderly, and those with respiratory diseases are at the highest risk of developing adverse health problems during prolonged mold exposure. Levels can be tested in order to determine how serious the problem is. Should a home inspection reveal a mold problem, the next step will be to consider mold removal and home repairs. Repairs can be very expensive, as they can include the need to replace structural elements.
Exercise caution when selecting a company to test mold levels. The mold removal field in some parts of the Country is not regulated, and those who are fearful of mold may easily be talked into allowing unnecessary and expensive repairs to be made. Finding an unbiased company to conduct the testing is best. This should be a company that has no ties to any mold removal company. Use the internet to research options prior to making a selection. Service reviews may be available, and these can shed light on the type of service that is provided. The best option would be to hire a certified mold inspector by checking out this website:
The mere presence of a small level of mold does not mean that a home is not a livable space. Nearly all of us are exposed to mold on a daily basis and experience no adverse effects. It is only when high levels of mold are present that its presence becomes a problem. Serious mold exposure should be taken seriously. However, allow a professional to make the level determination for you. Once you know what the levels are, you will be able to make an educated decision as to how to handle the problem.

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