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I Have Mold - What Is The Process?
Environmental Issues
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Just because you notice mold on one of the surfaces within your home does not automatically mean that the mold is toxic, or that it will need to be professionally removed. In fact, most mold is non-toxic and only poses minimal health risks such as allergic reactions. On the other hand, some types of mold are indeed dangerous, which is why mold inspection and testing are recommended when homeowners notice mold either visually or detect it by smell.
Mold in the attic of a San Diego homeMold can grow in areas rarely visited like this atticStep one is going to be to select a qualified mold inspector to come out and evaluate your home. Along with a complete visual inspection, samples of any existing mold may be taken. Sampling methods include tape, air, swab, and more. When carpet is suspected to contain mold, a sample of it may be taken. There are two purposes to sampling, with one being to determine the specific mold species and the other being to gauge the overall level of mold spores which are present within an area.
It's an excellent idea to hire a mold inspection which is not employed by a mold remediation company. You'll want to have an unbiased opinion in relation to whether or not mold remediation needs to take place. A qualified inspector can not only provide you with the answers you seek in regard to mold within your home, but can also provide a breakdown of what actually needs to be done in order to control a mold problem. This can save homeowners thousands of dollars by acting as protection against suggestions of unnecessary repairs and work during the remediation process.
If it is determined that mold remediation is necessary, a professional mold remediation company will need to be hired to handle the job. Note that a reputable company should have no issues in working together with your mold inspector. Beware of any company which recommends any amount of work and repair which greatly exceeds what your mold inspector has suggested. It may take some time to locate a mold remediation company which you feel you can trust, but the extra effort is likely going to be worth your time.
Depending on the severity of the problem, cleanup should not take long. You may be asked to stay outside of the home while cleanup takes place, as large amounts of mold spores will be discharged during the process. Even if your mold remediation guarantees that the job was done correctly, it's wise to have your original mold inspector return to the home and perform a second round of testing. This should be done to ensure that mold levels are within normal levels and that the remediation task was completed correctly.
No one wishes to have to deal with mold problems, but there are times in which they are simply unavoidable. Since mold often begins to grow in out of the way areas, problems can go detected for quite some time. Although mold inspection and remediation are not what home ownership dreams are made of, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle the problem.

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