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Guide For First Time Home Buyers
Home Buying 101
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The act of purchasing your first home will be something that you never forget. Home ownership is the dream of many, and first time ownership can come at any age. Once you have made the decision to stop renting, you will be presented with other decisions such as how much money you wish to spend on a home, the location you wish to live in, and the size and condition of the home.
It is possible to view homes without first securing financing. However, doing so could prove frustrating. Most first time buyers want to know exactly how much they have to spend prior to viewing homes. This information is also helpful to the Realtor, should you decide to use one, as they will use this amount to help you find the best home within your price range.
Some first time buyers consider location to be the most important factor, while others are flexible about the area in which they live. Today, location may rank highly on the list, as the distance between home and work can affect finances. Start the search in areas that you consider highly desirable then expand your search should you not be able to find an affordable home in your premier spot. Consider also that the home prices in popular areas will be higher. You may be able to purchase more home for your money if you choose to look elsewhere.
The price of the home will in some way be affected by the size. Many first time home buyers do not have realistic expectations in regard to size. Lower budgets typically equal smaller houses. This is another area in which location may come into play, as larger homes in areas further from the city center can be very affordable. The size of your family, or plans for children in the future should be considered. You may also need to consider how often you have overnight house guests.
A home inspector can be used to determine the overall condition of the home. Home inspections are quite common today, and though not mandatory, should be considered prior to agreeing to purchase a home. Once you have selected a home, contact an inspector. The seller should be made aware that you wish to have an inspection done. If the seller refuses to allow the home to be inspected, this is a warning sign telling you to proceed with extreme caution.
In some cases, the purchase of a first home will be a smooth process. In others, there may be hurdles to overcome. Either way, it will certainly be a learning experience. Consider all of your options carefully, and do not be afraid to ask for help should you have any questions. The lender and agent you choose to work with should be happy to guide you through the process of purchasing your new home.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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