What we like about Housecall is their service.  It has been many months since our home inspection, and my wife and I still call them to ask questions.  They always take the time to talk with us and we never feel rushed.  This is our first home, and it is nice knowing you have someone you can call.  They deliver on their promise.        -  Mr. & Mrs. Pickard, San Diego

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First Time Homebuyer Tips
Home Buying 101
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It is not at all uncommon for first time San Diego home buyers to make a few mistakes when purchasing their first property. Many mistakes are simply the result of not performing enough research. With now being an excellent time to purchase a home, new buyers can use the following information to avoid many of the common mistakes that are made.

home in San DiegoMistake #1: Assuming that you cannot afford it.

The slumping real estate market is providing San Diego home buyers with the chance to purchase properties at extremely low prices. While some may feel that the prices may become even lower, experts now predict that home prices will slowly begin to increase. If this prediction is true, that makes now the time to buy.
When considering financial decisions, the purchase of a home is a wise one. Home ownership is much more than having a roof over your head. Many now count on the equity of their home to supplement their retirement funds. Other factors that make now the best time to buy include low mortgage rates and tax allowances for those who purchase at this time. Neither of these may last much longer.
Despite ups and downs over the years, the value of real estate has risen. With each mortgage payment you make, the owed balance of the home decreases, and the value may increase. Even if the value does not increase, each payment increases the equity and this money will return to you should you decide to sell the home. For this reason, it makes little sense not to buy instead of rent.
Those who have only a small down payment or have had credit problems in the past may still be able to purchase a home. There are many different types of home loans available today. This works to increase the number of options that those who wish to purchase a home have.

Mistake #2: Not working with a buyer's agent.

No one should try to buy a home without the help of an agent. The task of buying a home can be very complicated. This purchase will likely be the biggest one you ever make. Combine this with the fact the the real estate purchasing process is now more sophisticated, and it becomes clear why an agent is needed. Bad decisions on the part of the buyer can wind up costing thousands. With help, wiser decisions can be made.
When selecting a buyer's agent, consider working with someone who knows the San Diego housing market well. It is the purpose of the agent to look out for your best interest, and they are obligated to do so. The buyer's agent can perform a number of duties such as finding the best home for you, recommending an excellent lender, and connecting you to a highly qualified home inspector. In most cases, part of the seller's commission is used to pay the buyer's agent - even though the work they are performing is for you!

Mistake #3: Skimping on the home inspection.

Hiring a bad home inspector is nearly as bad as not having a home inspection done at all. In some cases, it can even be worse. The price difference between hiring a professional home inspector and hiring one with limited qualification is small. San Diego home inspections can range from $200-$500. Yes, you could save some money by selecting the cheapest inspector. However, if problems are missed, the cost of repairs could be thousands of dollars.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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