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The Link Between Home Owners Insurance and Home Inspection
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Now more than ever, some insurance companies are requiring home inspection prior to issuing home owners insurance policies. This requirement has nothing to do with receiving discounts, but instead is in place to protect the insurer from losses. This requirement may already be required for new policies and those with an existing policy may be asked to have their home inspected.

The Four Most Important Elements

There are four elements that the insurance company wants to know more about. These would be the roof, heating and air system, electrical system, and plumbing. All four of these important systems are included in any home inspection. Should the homeowner refuse, or if any of these elements fail inspection, the insurance company has the right to withhold coverage until proper repairs are completed.
Those who are in the market to buy a home should be planning to have the new home inspected regardless of insurance requirements. It would be those who already own an insured home that are most affected by the new requirements. Specific requirements and allotted time frames will vary by insurer. If you are concerned about the possibility of being required to have your home inspected, contact your insurance company.

Home Inspection for Rate Discounts

When mandatory inspections are not in place, it may still be possible to have a home inspection completed in order to receive a discount on your home insurance policy. Some insurers are willing to reduce rates in exchange for the knowledge that the most important elements of the home are indeed in good shape. It is possible to have only a four point inspection done if your main goal is to request a policy discount.
When requesting a discount, a copy of the home inspection report should be delivered to the insurance company. Obviously, if the inspection reveal any problems, these will need to be addressed prior to submitting any discount request. Note that not all insurance companies will offer an inspection related discount. Contact your specific insurer regarding any policy rate reductions available.
For years real estate inspections have been a vital part of the process of buying or selling a home. Today, they may play an important role in insurance as well. Though some will certainly question whether or not it is fair for insurance companies to issue such requirements, each company does have the right to make their own rules in regard to which homes they wish to offer coverage for. Fortunately, home inspections are affordable, and those who purchase or own a home that is in fine shape will have no problems in meeting home owners insurance requirements.

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