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What You Need To Know About New Home Warranties
Home Buying 101
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One might assume that when shopping for a new home, a new home warranty is not of great importance. After all, the home is new, so what could go wrong? Many things, actually. Errors in construction are not uncommon, and because of this fact, builder's warranties should be considered an important part of the home selection process.
Home in 4S RanchHome in 4S Ranch
Many states now have provisions that are mandatory in regard to home warranties. These may not be full warranties, as limited warranties are quite common. Ten years is the standard time frame for state warranties. However, it is important to note that the coverage level may not remain the same during this time period. The structure itself may be covered for the entire duration, with workmanship defects being covered for only a period of one year. To determine what warranty is required by law in your state, contact the contractor licensing board in your area.
Builders often offer their own home warranty. These can be wonderful should a problem arise and the builder holds up their end of the bargain. These home warranties may not be iron clad, however, as the builder could go out of business. For this reason, it will be important to ask how the warranty will be handled should the builder cease to be in business. It is equally important to do a bit of research in order to determine how long the builder has been in business. Additionally, check out the builder using the Better Business Bureau website. A few complaints are normal. It is how these complaints were handled that needs to be examined.
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that works to protect consumers by requiring that warranties not be misused and be easier to understand. Home buyers may be presented with a warranty document when the time comes to close on the home. Generally, the longer and more verbose this document is, the greater the red flag. Terms that may not have been discussed in negotiations can be slipped into all the wording. Short and to the point is better. Buyers do have the right to not sign such paperwork, with the exception being if the buyer has previously consented to do so.
A double home inspection may prevent the need to worry about home warranty hassles. The initial home inspection may reveal problems that the builder will need to fix prior to closing. A second home inspection should be performed prior to the end of the first phase of the home warranty ending. Should you have a one year warranty on defects, the inspection should be completed during either the tenth or eleventh month in order to allow time to work with the builder and have repairs completed prior to the end of the warranty period. 

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