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Cleaning AC Coils For Improved Efficiency
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Cooling system efficiency can be greatly reduced by dirty coils. Dirt and debris can strain the cooling system, forcing it to work harder than it needs to. This extra work can result in higher electricity bills. Cleaning the AC coils will allow them to do the job they are intended to do efficiently.

AC System Components

It is the job of the condenser coil to remove warm air from inside the home and push it outside. Since this coil is located outside the home, it is subject to being affected by the elements. Dirt, leaves, grass, mud, and more can collect on the coil and cause it to malfunction.
Less cleaning will be needed if the area around the condenser coil is kept clear. Keep grass and weeds away from the coil, and do not store items such as gardening supplies near it. Cleaning should be completed every other season, with the exception being warm areas in which the system is used for more than four months of the year.
The evaporator coil is another critical component. This coil will absorb warm air and replace it with cool air which is then delivered into the home. These coils do receive some protection from filters, which should be replaced according to the maintenance schedule. Filters alone will not keep evaporator coils from becoming dirty, so they should be cleaned periodically as well.

How To Clean AC Coils

Cleaning should be completed by a professional. Coils can be damaged if the wrong amount of pressure is applied or if the wrong cleaning solution is used. Should you decide to clean the coils yourself, use a soft bristle brush to remove debris. A cleaning solution should only be used if brushing is not enough to get the job done. Be sure to purchase a cleaning product that is recommended for coil cleaning.
The frequency in which coils should be cleaned will depend on how often the system is used. In warmer climates cleaning will need to be done more frequently. Do change AC filters as often as needed to help keep coils clean and the system functioning properly.
Should AC coils be completely neglected, the coils will degrade and the system will eventually fail. Once this occurs, the entire system may need to be replaced. Both repairs and replacement can be expensive. Routine maintenance will extend the lifespan of the unit, and will keep it in good working order.

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