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The Simplest Way to Declutter Your Home
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Home sizes have increased over the years, but this has done little to help with the problem of clutter. It seems that the larger our home, the more things we accumulate. Even a mansion can appear to be a cramped space if too much clutter is present. Alternately, a small home can appear spacious when all of the contents are neatly organized.
cluttered-roomSpring is coming, time to de-clutter!
Whether you find it fair or not, many people associate clutter with filth. Your home could very well be spotless underneath the clutter, but the fact that all that junk exists is enough to change some peoples' impression of you. Fair or not, if you do not wish to be viewed in a bad light, you may want to declutter your home. Consider the following easy ways to complete this task.

Phase One: Plan of Attack

Devise a plan of attack that details in what order you wish to declutter the home. Many choose to start with the most cluttered rooms first. Often, the most cluttered rooms are those in which your family spends most of their time in. By focusing on these rooms first, noticeable progress will me made quickly.
The plan of attack should also include a task list for each room, as well as an estimated time of completion. By setting a time goal, you'll be less likely to get off track. The task list may seem overwhelming at first, but once you start crossing off completed items you will be able to see that progress is being made.

Phase Two: The Cleaning Phase

Start by sorting like items into piles or plastic storage bins. Decluttering is an excellent opportunity for not only putting items in their proper place, but throwing away items that are trash and donating usable items that are no longer needed. In need of some cash? Consider having a yard sale and selling the items that you no longer want. Craigslist is a great way to get rid of just about anything!
All items should be either put away, thrown away, or slated for donation or sale. Using this method it will not take long for all clutter to begin to disappear. Total decluttering can take days, weeks, or months, depending on how bad the problems is and how much time you can dedicate to the task.
Should you find yourself becoming frustrated, take a break. It may be necessary to go back to square one and create a different plan. Keep your mind focused on the end result, and work towards your goal of having a clutter-free home. Once you have reached your goal, consider ways to prevent clutter from creeping back in. Staying on top of the problem is the best way to prevent the need for another total home decluttering project in the future. 

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