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Advantages and Disadvantages of Window Bars
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Window bars are not as popular as they used to be, but are still used as a means of home security. Often referred to as "burglar bars" they can be both helpful and problematic. Consumers need to consider both the pros and cons prior to having window bars installed on the home.

window-barsTo bar or not to bar, that is the questionWindow Bar Advantages

One of the main advantages, and the reason that most people purchase window bars, is that they are an effective theft deterrent. With the ground floor being the preferred place for thieves to gain access to the home, bars on first floor windows could have the thief thinking twice about breaking in. Another advantage is that they can prevent children from climbing or falling out of windows.

Window Bar Disadvantages

Window bars could trap you in the home during an emergency. They could hinder fire escape, and could even trap you inside the home with an intruder. Firefighters may not be able to gain quick access to the interior of the home should they need to enter a window that is blocked by bars. Another disadvantage would be that they can affect property values. Merely having them in place will signal to many that the neighborhood is not a safe place to live.

Modern Window and Burglar Bars

Many of the disadvantages listed above can be overcome by having modern window bars with a quick release mechanism installed. These will still provide the same protection against unwanted entry to the home, but will allow the bars to be opened quickly and easily from the inside. 
Do not opt for models that require a key to open them or need to be removed using tools. The mechanism needs to be easy to locate and should activate with little force. Though one of the benefits of window bars is to help prevent children from falling out of the window, children still need to have the knowledge and ability to operate the mechanism to allow escape during an emergency.

Are Window Bars Right for Your Family?

The vast majority of intruders come in through the front door, which one could argue makes the need for window bar protection small. One must also consider the potential risks and possible effect on the value of the property. Deaths have occurred due to people being trapped in a home during a fire by window bars that wouldn't, or were not made to release. However, the numbers of injuries and deaths annually caused by defective window bars are relatively low - around 25 each year in the U.S.
Some consider them to be an eyesore, which could cause problems with neighbors should you choose to have them installed. Ultimately, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to have window bars installed, or make the decision to have them removed from the home. Consider the above mentioned factors, but above all, consider what is best for your family.

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