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Landscaping As A Method of Home Security
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Many people do not realize that a link exists between landscaping and home security. Landscaping is often considered by insurance agents during the home evaluation process due to the fact that it can present certain security risks. If insurance agents are considering these potential risks, you should be as well. There should be little cost associated with making changes if needed. You will, however, need to devote a little time.
child near gateWhat To Look For
A quick walk around your home will may reveal several potential problems. Be on the lookout for overgrown shrubbery, high grass, and trees which would allow access through attic vents or windows. You will want to eliminate any hiding spaces, or overgrowth that would allow a thief to gain entry to your home without being noticed.

The Importance of Home Security Landscaping

Doors are not always the preferred method of entry by thieves. Most often they will look for the entry that is most likely to decrease the chance of anyone noticing them. If shrubs or branches are covering windows, this creates the optimal place for entry. Neighbors or passersby may never notice anything out of the ordinary should a thief be hiding behind overgrowth.

Home Security Lighting Considerations

Check to see if all outdoor lighting is working properly. Change bulbs as needed. Should electricity usage be a concern, consider using compact florescent bulbs whenever possible. Solar lighting may not be as bright as electrical lighting. However, when these units are used in numbers, they will provide a significant amount of light. If you have no outdoor lighting aside from porch lights, you may wish to consider adding extra lighting to your property. Well lit areas will serve as a theft deterrent at all times.

Landscaping For Vacation Homes

Do consider hiring someone to handle the landscaping duties should you own a vacation home. These homes are often the easiest targets, as it does not take a thief long to determine that the home is empty each day. While you may not store many valuables in a vacation home, televisions and other electronics remain attractive theft items. A local landscaping company can be hired and directed to maintain the yard while you are away. The same should be considered if you are not healthy enough to maintain your own landscaping.

Additional Benefits To Consider

Home security landscaping will provide extra benefits. Overgrowth may create a hospitable environment for a number of unwanted pests such as mice, rats, and other rodents. High grass also provides hiding areas for these creatures, as well as many others, such as snakes. Limbs that extend over the roof may be used by rodents to gain access to the home via the attic or fireplace. Cutting back limbs will also reduce the risk of roof damage that can occur during storms.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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