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Summer Is Around the Corner. Is Your Pool Safe?
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Swimming is a fun and healthy activity that is enjoyed by millions of people each summer. Pool safety is something that all pool owners must take seriously. Each year, injuries and deaths are reported in relation to swimming pool use. Many of these unfortunate incidents could have been prevented if the proper precautions had been taken.
kid swimmingIs your pool safe?
There are several products to consider purchasing or using if you own a pool. One would be a pool cover. Not only will a cover help keep leaves and debris out of the water, it may also prevent children and animals from drowning should they fall in when no one is around. The cover should fit tightly and be the appropriate size for the pool.
Anti-vortex drain covers are a must. These need to be compliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool And Spa Safety Act, and inspected frequently to ensure that they are in good shape. Improper, old-style drain covers are responsible for injuries and drownings every year within the U.S. When drains are not properly covered, body parts, clothing, hair, and more can become tangled and trap the swimmer underwater.
Safety drain covers should be installed by a professional. Click the video camera below (video will load in a popup window) to see how installing a proper drain cover could mean the difference between life and death. The video was a feature story on channel 10 news, a local new station here in San Diego and features Rick English, a prominent pool safety and forensics expert who resides in Southern California.
san diego home inspection video
Water depths should be clearly labeled so that all swimmers are aware of how deep each area is. This labeling will serve more than one purpose. Those who are not excellent swimmers will be able to determine which depths to avoid. Water depths should also be made known to avoid diving injuries. Diving into water that is too shallow can result in serious injuries, including those which may cause paralysis.
Water quality should be maintained at all times when the pool is in use. The right chemicals in specific quantities will need to be added to the water. Each of these may need to be added at different intervals. Should you have any questions about how to properly maintain water quality, speak with a qualified pool product distributor. There is also the option to hire a pool person who will take care of the pool for you.
Pool safety products are helpful, but cannot take the place of education. Children should be taught how to safely use a pool at a young age. Teens and adults should use common sense when swimming. Should you see one of your guests taking unnecessary risks in or around your pool, it will be your place to ask them to stop. Pool ownership is a huge responsibility. However, worries will be less if you have pool safety products and usage rules in place.

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