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Tips On How To Make Your Home Resistant To Burglars
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Home inspectors are often asked about home security. With theft accounting for more than 3/4 of all crime, it is no wonder that homeowners want to know what they can do to make their home more resistant to burglars. It is important to know not only their preferred methods of gaining entry to the home, but also ways to make access to the home difficult or next to impossible.
burglar-proof-houseHow are you going to keep him out?Over 30% of burglars come in through an unlocked front door. First floor entry is highly preferred. Window and back door entry each account for just over 20% of chosen entry methods. Though the garage and basement may seem like prime entry points, they account for only a very small percentage of home break-in entries.

How to make exterior doors more secure:

  • Doors should be solid, not hollow, and should be kept in good condition at all times
  • Screws in strike plates should be high grade steel and 3 inches in length
  • Install locks that are of a high quality and "bump" resistant. Chain locks should only be used for additional protection, and not as the main locking system
  • Glass window panes should be at such a height that if they are broken, an arm cannot reach the lock
  • Never hide a spare key in an obvious location
  • Peepholes are an excellent tool for seeing who is at the door prior to opening it
  • Sliding glass doors should have both top and bottom locks

How to make windows more secure:

  • Replace your windows with stronger glass. Amazingly, some of the new glass available cannot be broken even with a hammer strike
  • Be sure a stop is placed above the operable portion of your windows so the windows cannot be lifted up and out of the track while they are in the locked position. Most newer vinyl windows have a 3 inch long piece of vinyl placed in the upper frame for this purpose. Take a look and see if you have them. It you don't have stops, a couple of screws driven in to the top of the window track with 1/4" of clearance between the top of the operable portion of the window and the screw head works well
  • Add sticks in the window tracks or install an additional locking mechanism. Best if the lock indexes into the track by way of a hole drilled into the frame
  • If you have older aluminum windows, the screws at the exterior of the windows can allow quick entry for a burglar wise to how these types of windows are constructed
  • Bars on the outside of windows work well as a deterrant but be sure they have an easily operable release mechanism so building occupants can quickly escape during a fire
Pet doors can also cause problems as they can be used to reach in and unlock a door. They could also be used to send a child through and have him or her unlock the door. If pet doors must be used, consider the electronic type. These work in conjunction with a special collar that the pet will wear. When the pet reaches the door, it will automatically open and then close once the pet leaves the area.
Proper lighting can be used as an effective theft deterrent. Burglar like the darkness because it gives them some level of protection against being noticed. A few lights should be on the inside the home when you are not there. Those who are concerned about conserving electricity can purchase an inexpensive timer and set it to turn lights on and off automatically. Timers are excellent for use when you are away on vacation. Newer timer models have random settings so the lights come on and off at slightly different times of the evening, potentially thwarting a burglar who is casing your residence.
Home security systems can be beneficial, but can also be expensive. Monitoring services run from $30-100 USD per month. There are many steps that you can take to protect your home short of purchasing an expensive electronic security system. Speak to your home inspector should you need any advice on how to make your home a lesser target for a burglar.

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