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Dangers Associated With Uncoated Brass Supply Lines
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The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a statement altering homeowners to the dangers of aged flexible gas connectors. The gas connectors of note are the uncoated brass variety. These connectors may crack or break, and should this happen, gas leaks, fires, and explosions could occur. Serious injuries and deaths have been reported in association with the failure of these lines.
Homes that were constructed in the past 15 years should not be at risk, nor should any appliances installed during this time frame. Homes built prior to this time could very well still have uncoated brass supply lines in place. Their use was common in the 50's and 60's due to the fact that they were an easy alternative to rigid pipe. These connectors will create hazards now, with the risks increasing as the lines and connectors continue to deteriorate. It is recommended that all such lines and connectors be replaced at this time.
The manner in which the tubing was connected to the end pieces is the root of the problem. The end pieces were soldered on and may separate over time, allowing gas to leak and fires to start. The condition of the tube itself may also break down over time and cause serious problems. Certain cleaning chemicals are known to facilitate the breakdown of the line. Modern supply lines consist of only one piece so solder failure is no longer a concern.
Uncoated brass supply lines are no longer produced, and have not been produced for many years. This does not change the fact that they may still be present in many homes. Not all brass supply lines will fail. However, it is best to have them replaced in order to eliminate any risks. There has been at least one case of modern gas connectors being recalled. View information related to this recall here http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml08/08205.html.

Detection and Replacement of Uncoated Brass Supply Lines

You may be tempted to go right now and check to see if any of your appliances are connected using these supply lines. DON'T. Even the slightest movement of the appliance could cause the line to break and gas to being leaking out into your home. If you suspect that these lines are in place in your home, call a professional to come out and perform an inspection. Be sure to call someone that can change the supply lines should an inspection reveal that your home contains faulty uncoated brass gas lines.

Safety Tips

  • Never move an appliance that is connected with an uncoated brass supply line
  • Have older lines checked out and replaced if need be
  • Be alert if you have these lines in your home. Should you smell gas, leave the home immediately. Do not use any phone within the home, light any lighters or matches, turn any lights on, or use anything electrical
Learn more about the dangers associated with uncoated brass gas supply lines:
CPSC Urges Consumers to Have Flexible Gas Connectors Checked http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml97/97187.html

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