What we like about Housecall is their service.  It has been many months since our home inspection, and my wife and I still call them to ask questions.  They always take the time to talk with us and we never feel rushed.  This is our first home, and it is nice knowing you have someone you can call.  They deliver on their promise.        -  Mr. & Mrs. Pickard, San Diego

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Seller Inspections
How To Sell Your Home
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The main benefit of seller inspections is that they eliminate many of the hassles that are associated with waiting for a buyer requested inspection. Waiting for the home to go under contract before the home inspection is done may not be wise, as contingencies may allow the buyer to back out of the purchase should certain problems be discovered. Pre-listing inspections should be requested by the seller so that any necessary repairs can be done before the home is listed for sale.
When the seller requests a home inspection, the inspector will provide him or her with the home inspection report. Copies of this report can then be made and given to potential buyers. Should the report reveal problems, a follow-up inspection and new report can be provided after repairs are made. When the seller takes care of the home inspection, everyone wins. Both sellers and potential buyers will know where they stand in regard to the condition of the home.

Seller Advantages

  • The ability to choose your own home inspector
  • The inspection can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you
  • Inspections may reveal conditions that are hazardous and need to be addressed immediately
  • The seller may be able to assist in the inspection process. This is typically not allowed when the inspection is request by the buyer
  • Inspection reports can be used to aid in pricing the home appropriately
  • Should the report reveal that the home is in good condition, it may be priced higher.

Other benefits of seller inspections include:

  • The ability to correct problems so that the home shows better
  • Allows the seller more time for making repairs
  • Ability to attach repair receipts or repair estimates
  • Prevents inflated buyer estimates from being viable during negotiation
  • Provides buyers with an unbiased opinion of the condition of the home
  • Clean inspection reports can be used in marketing the home
  • Inspections show good faith on the part of the seller
  • Eliminates possible unfounded suspicions in the mind of the buyer
  • Inspection reports allow for better negotiations
  • Seller inspection may prevent buyers from walking away should their own inspection reveal problems
  • Provides full-disclosure and may help prevent legal claims in the future

Advantages to Real Estate Agents

  • Ability to recommend a highly qualified home inspector
  • No scheduling effort required, as this will be handled by the seller
  • Sellers may be allowed to assist during the inspection process
  • Once sellers know the condition of the home, agreeing on a selling price may be easier
  • Agents will be made aware of problems upfront
  • Repairs made in advance of listing the home will help the home show better
  • Potential buyers may be more willing to view a home if it has already been inspected
  • Ability to show buyers a third-party assessment of the home
  • A clean report may be used as a tool for marketing
  • Eliminates unfounded suspicions on the part of the buyer
  • Reduces the chance of buyer's remorse
  • Seller inspections may eliminate the need for negotiations
  • Eliminate the need for rush repair jobs
  • When buyers know what to expect, they are less likely to back out of the deal
  • Full-disclosure protection for the future

Home Buyer Advantages

  • No need to pay for an inspection
  • Ability to know the condition of the home prior to making an offer
  • Eliminates any unpleasant surprises
  • Problems may be corrected in advance, or acknowledged by the seller
  • Lessened need for negotiations
  • Inspection reports may help in seeking a loan
  • A higher offer may be made should additional inspections be waived

Seller Inspection Myths

Seller inspections are deal breakers. Inspections are not deal breakers, but existing problems can be. It is best to know about problems in advance, and if possible, correct them. When the buyer knows the condition of the home upfront, the buyer can make a more educated decision in regard to whether to make an offer.

The liability of the home inspector is increased by allowing potential buyers to view reports. When the seller requests an inspection, the home inspector is working for the seller and not the buyer. Buyers are informed that it is their right to accept or not accept the findings of a seller generated inspection.

Newer homes do not need to be inspected. Not true. Even newer homes may have problems. Should the home inspection reveal that the home is in excellent condition? The inspection report can then be used as tool for marketing. There is value in a home inspection in either case.


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