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Finding a Home Inspector
Inspections 101
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Just how does one accomplish the task of finding a qualified home inspector? And once you have selected one, what questions should be asked? The purpose of this article is to answer both of these questions, and assist you with finding a home inspector who can tell you what you need to know about the home you wish to purchase. This advice can be used whether you are purchasing property in San Diego, or elsewhere throughout the country.
select-home-inspectorThe choice of home inspector makes a difference...choose well!
What is most important is that you do not rush through the process of finding a home inspector. It may take some time to find one that you feel comfortable with. If you are working with a real estate agent, your agent may be able to recommend a few home inspectors. You can ignore this advice if you do not feel that it is in your best interest. If you plan to sell your home on your own, the selection task will be entirely up to you.
In San Diego you will find that most home inspectors offer similar pricing. Licensing is not required here, which can make it difficult to sort through options. Most inspectors do belong to one or more trade organizations, and all will tell you that they offer a high level of customer service. So what is the difference maker then? Experience. Every single home inspector will have a different level of experience.

Tips For Selecting Your Home Inspector

Use the internet as a research tool. Any inspector that has been around for a while should have been reviewed by previous customers at least a few times. Unbiased reviews provide a look behind the scenes, and should prove very informative. One or two negative reviews may be ignored if they did not result in major problems. However, three or more should likely be consider a red flag.
Check to see if the home inspector belongs to any of the following trade organizations:
  • ASHI - the oldest home inspector trade organization
  • NACHI - the largest home inspector trade organization
  • CREIA - specifically for California based home inspectors
You do not have to take their word for it, as the websites of these organizations will include a list of active and certified members. These three organizations have strict entry requirements, require candidates to take and pass exams for certification, and require that a specific number of home inspections be completed before the applicant is granted membership. Other qualifications may also need to be met.
Any of the major search engines may point you in the right direction. Simply search for "[name of your city] home inspector" and then pay attention to the top results. Ignore any paid listings, as anyone with enough money can purchase a spot at the top. Paid listings will typically occupy the top three positions, and will also be located along the right side of the page (when using Google).
Paid placements aside, check out the top ten or so websites. Any website that looks as if it has not been updated since the early 90's is a sign that the home inspector may not be willing to spend the money required to properly represent his or her business or may not have the means to do so. A clean and modern website that offers plenty of information and sample home inspection reports is best. This shows that the inspector cares about quality and understands that the website is in some way an extension of the type of work that he performs.
It should not take long to select a few candidates that can then be further examined. Now is the time to contact each. You may be able to email each one, but a phone call will certainly prove more informational.

Questions To Ask A Home Inspector

Ask whether or not they are insured and ask for references. Pay attention to how the home inspector speaks to you, as this will likely be a sign of how well the home inspection findings will be explained to you. If the inspector does not seem willing to speak to you for any length of time, move on. Yes, inspectors can be busy. However, a good inspector will always be willing to make time for those who need their help. Do consider downloading or printing a list of questions that should be asked in advance of making this call.
After speaking to each home inspector, you will likely have made your decision. Note that agents violate ethics when they recommend one specific "perferred" inspector. Take this into consideration should your real estate agent push you towards any one home inspector.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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