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New Construction Home Inspections
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Think that a new home does not need a home inspection? Think again. Construction oversights can and do occur. Oversights are simply when the installation of different components of the home are accidentally left out. A qualified home inspector may find these mistakes, at which point they can be corrected by the contractor prior to closing. Though national averages are not released, we personally find a few oversights in most all new homes we inspect.
new-home-inspectionPhase inspections reveal insight into how the home is being builtOversights can be related to a number of crucial home elements such as the electrical system, plumbing, gutters, roofs, and more. Oversights may not only be missing parts, but also improper installation of components or systems. The reason that these mistakes occur are varied. Some are purely accidental, while others are done intentionally to cut costs.
New home construction consists of a process of using subcontractors to complete individual jobs. It can be difficult to manage what each of these subcontractors are doing, especially when working with a short time frame in which to complete the job. Additionally, subcontractors are often working on more than one home at a time, which can add to confusion over what has or has not been done. A minor misstep by the project manager or site foreman and oversights can occur. Regardless of why these oversights occur, a home inspection should be completed prior to occupancy in order to reveal any problems.
One of the services we offer are phase inspections. These are requested by mortgage companies, and are used to determine that the construction process is going correctly. The inspection report is then used to determine whether or not to release funds to the contractor and allow the building to continue. Home inspectors who perform phase inspections will have the ability to detect construction oversights. Those who are having their home custom built will want to have an inspection done and use a qualified home inspector as their advocate to help ensure quality workmanship.
As a professional home inspection company, I like to educate new homeowners as to what to look for during the first year of living in their home. Understanding what is, or is not normal during the first year is the key to spotting problems that may need to be corrected while the home is still under warranty. For example, it is normal for the yard to settle some in the first year, but if it should begin to slope significantly allowing water to drain towards the foundation or basement, this is a problem. Also, minor settling in the building can often cause small cracks at the interior corners of walls and ceilings, and at the corner beads of interior walls. We offer follow-up warranty inspections for those who wish to reassess the condition of their home before the builder warranty expires. 
For these reasons and more, it is wise to allow a home inspector to completely inspect your new home prior to the expiration of your builder warranty. Hopefully the property will be in excellent condition. However, with construction oversights being common, it is best to have the home inspected as soon as possible so that problems can be corrected at no cost to you. Some oversights can present health and safety hazards, and these will be particularly important to deal with prior to occupying the home.

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Written on Thursday, 11 September 2008 10:51 by Darin Redding

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