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The Basics of Home Inspection
Inspections 101
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Even those who have never purchased a home have likely heard of home inspections. Over the years these inspections have become forever linked with the buying and selling of homes. Sellers use them to ensure that their property is ready to go to market. Buyers use them to ensure that they do not purchase a lemon. With both side benefiting, it is quite clear as to why home inspectors are busy individuals.

san diego home inspectionWhat Is A Home Inspection?

It is a complete evaluation of the condition of the home. This evaluation is done by a trained home inspector. Both major and minor parts of the home will be inspected. Cosmetic issues tend to be the only thing that is not included in an inspection. In addition to making sure that everything is in working order, the inspector will be on the lookout for hazards. While the need for repairs or replacement is important, the health of those who live in the home is of much greater importance.

Home Inspection Checklist

This will be a list of items that the inspector will look at. If you choose to attend the inspection you can request to see this list. Be aware that most professional home inspectors do not work from a list, rather, they may lean on their experiences as a home builder, architect, engineer, etc. in making their recommendations. Buyers may attend inspections, but are not allowed to participate in the inspection other than a casual observer. Climbing on the roof, in the attic or crawl space are areas where damage to the home can occur, and injury to the buyer is likely if they are not familar navigating safely in such spaces. The homeowner, or seller, may participate if they wish. In either case, you are free to ask about all the different elements the inspector will be inspecting.

Home Inspection Extras

Additional professional inspections may be suggested should the inspector discover any problem that needs a closer examination. This could be anything from bringing an engineer out to further evaluate the condition of the foundation to having a camera inspection of the interior of the waste plumbing. Additional inspections are optional and paid for separately by the buyer, but if a home inspector suggests them you can rest assured that he or she has a good reason for doing so.

After the Home Inspection

Once the inspection is complete a home inspection report is generated and given to the person who paid for the inspection. A good home inspector will be happy to explain specific items that you may be unclear on, and will make themselves available to answer questions. When the seller orders the inspection, the report can be used as a marketing tool to ensure potential buyers that the home is in overall good condition. Buyers may use this report to enter into negotiations with the seller regarding any problems encountered.

To Inspect or Not To Inspect?

There is absolutely no such thing as a perfect home. Even if the home was built last month, there will still be flaws, some of which could be extensive. While hard to imagine that anyone would decide not to have a home inspection done, some do. There are still people that think saving a few hundred dollars is more important than knowing the true condition of the home. If you as a buyer are considering skipping the inspection process, think it through carefully. Even one problem discovered within the home has the potential to significantly overshadow the relatively small cost of the home inspection.

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