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Blog Inspections 101 The Importance of Having Empty Properties Inspected
The Importance of Having Empty Properties Inspected
Inspections 101
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It is a common myth that a home that is left sitting empty for a period of time will remain in the same condition. In many ways, an empty property is even more at risk of experiencing serious problems than an inhabited home. With no resident to report issues that need to be repaired, unchecked small problems can easily turn into much larger ones.

vacant boarded up house inspectionCommon Vacant Property Problems

Though there are a host of problems that can occur in an empty property, some of the most common include flooding, water damage, pest infestation, and plumbing issues. Electrical problems are typically not associated with empty properties, but can occur if rodents or other wildlife gain access to the interior of the home. Water damage and flooding are often the direct result of roof failure. With the home unoccupied, leaks may go undetected for quite some time.
Other common problems may simply be part of the home aging process. Foundation problems can occur over time whether the home is occupied or not. Again, the main difference would be that an home without residents certainly does not have the ability to tell the owner that such things are occurring. Regular home inspections are the best way to ensure that the property remains in a livable condition.

Inspection and Prevention in Homes, Condos, and Apartments

Prevention of costly problems may be as simple as having the home inspected twice a year. An additional home inspection should be completed prior to attempting to sell or rent the home. This step can avoid common problems that can arise in relation to the disclosure statement that is required prior to selling the home. Though this statement is not required in order to rent the home, existing problems should be addressed prior to offering a lease agreement.
Owners of condominiums and apartment complexes should also consider having inspections completed if these properties are allowed to remain vacant for a period of time. Some problems may be reported by residents in surrounding units. However, there are no guarantees that all problems will be noted since many occur inside the actual unit and are not visible to others. Condo owners should note that home owners associations that do perform inspections will only be in search of exterior problems.

An Ounce of Prevention...

Never assume that your empty properties are problem-free. Frequent visual inspections can help you catch problems before they become too severe. One to two detailed home inspections can alert you to problems that you may not be able to spot on your own. Empty or occupied, it is a fact that the cost of repairs are almost always lower if problems are caught and repaired in the beginning stages.

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