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What Is A Home Inspection
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A home inspection is the process of having a trained home inspector check out the vital parts of a home in order to detect problems. This will include a check of the actual structure, working systems, and other components that need to be functioning properly. When problems are noted, they will be included in a written report that is presented to the individual who requested the inspection. Most home inspections are requested by home buyers who need to know the condition of the home they wish to purchase.

What does a home inspection include?

The report will include a review of items such as the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical system, roof, and more. The attic, basement, and foundation will be closely examined, as these areas are often where problems are found. Photographs are often included in a home inspection report, as they help further describe the issues that a present. Some home inspectors will offer additional services such as water quality testing, radon testing, or a check for dangerous mold.
A complete home inspection should include a check of the following:
  • Roof, vents, and other roofing elements
  • Gutters and drains
  • Roof penetrations such as a chimney or skylight
  • Outdoor decks, porches, and walkways
  • Eaves and overhangs, soffit, facia
  • Grading and water drainage
  • Basement or crawl space
  • Foundation condition, signs of moisture, movement, or shifting
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Main water valves
  • Water heater
  • Plumbing faucets and fixtures
  • Sump pumps
  • Electrical box, meter, and service amperage
  • Electrical panel, including fuses, breakers, grounding, and bonding
  • GFCIs & AFCIs
  • Fireplace, damper door, condition of the hearth
  • Insulation condition and ventilation
  • Garage doors

What a home inspection is NOT

Knowing what a home inspection is not is just as important as knowing what one is. The inspection process is in no way a guarantee that a home element will perform well in the future. Just because something is in good shape at the time of inspection, it does not mean that it cannot fail at some point. Home inspections and home appraisals should not be confused. One does not take the place of the other. Building code inspection should also not be confused with a home inspection. A city inspector will need to complete this type of inspection.
A home inspector will not give a home a passing or failing grade, not will he or she tell you how much you should pay for a home. Do not expect to receive a yes or no answer should you ask whether or not the home should be purchased. Opinions are not supposed to be a part of the home inspection process, with only the facts presented in regard to the condition of the home.
Hopefully after reading this article you have a better understanding of what is a home inspection.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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