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Should I Refinance?
Financing A Home
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Now is actually an excellent time for refinancing. There will be different options to consider should you choose to do so, and each will have pros and cons. It is very important to know what the differences are and that you understand how each may impact you. Different options will be better for different budgets. There may even be options that help you gain better control of your finances.
refinance-houseNow is an excellent time to refinance your home. Interest rates are at all-time lows.A refinancing of the mortgage is often done in order to reduce monthly mortgage payments. In order to accomplish this, the interest rate on the new loan must be lower than that associated with the original loan. Not only will this allow monthly payments to be lower, but it will also save the homeowner money over the lifespan of the loan.
One option to consider would be making the switch from a variable interest rate loan to the fixed variety. The decision to do this should be based on current market conditions. If the fixed rate is lower than the variable rate, there is money to be saved and monthly payments can be reduced.
Freeing up cash is another reason why homeowners may wish to refinance the mortgage loan. Built up equity may be made available for use. Some use these funds to upgrade the home and increase the overall value. However, there are no limits as to what these funds can be used for. Be sure to borrow wisely in order to prevent future problems.
Before making the decision to refinance your home, there are a few things to consider. One would be that some lenders will penalize the borrower if the loan is paid off in advance. This is because the lender will lose money on interest that would otherwise be paid. Should you plan to pay the loan off early, do not accept a loan that comes with early payment penalties. 
Do not be fooled into thinking that lower payments and a higher interest rate is a good deal. Yes, you may be offered a monthly payment that is quite attractive, but with a higher interest rate in place, the total cost of the loan will be higher than it was originally. This could add additional years to the amount of time it would have originally taken to pay the home off in full.
Choose a lender based on your personal needs. It makes no sense to refinance the home if the terms are not agreeable to you. Just because you may need to lower your monthly payment, this does not mean that you should agree to accept just any loan. It is important to remember that lenders want and need your business. This places you in more control than you may realize. 

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Written on Sunday, 13 June 2010 09:00 by Darin Redding

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