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Unwanted Residents In the Home
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One of the things that a certified home inspector will be on the lookout for when inspecting the home is unwanted residents. No, not your in-laws. I'm talking about pests. There are a number of them that may take up residence in a home without permission, and some of these can cause extensive damage. With the ability to damage the structure and present health hazards, it's no wonder that home inspectors will be looking for signs of pest infestations.
termites-on-soilWorst of the Worst
In terms of property damage, termites are considered to be the worst pest in a home. Once they make their way inside the home can eat away at wood and eventually render it completely useless. When wooden support beams are their meal of choice, the stability of the home can be compromised. No matter what they start devouring first, they must be handled as soon as possible. Note that treatment options differ depending on whether you are dealing with drywood termites, or their more destructive cousin, the subterranean termite.
Did You Hear That Buzzing Sound?
Bees can cause some damage to the home due to the fact that they prefer to tunnel into siding or trim work and lay eggs. Removing the actual bees is only half the battle. If the hive is not removed, the smell can attract new bees to nest there in the future. Yellow jackets will build exterior nests, usually in corner areas. Depending on how well the home is sealed, either of these could make their way into the home. Even if they cannot penetrate the home, they can certainly render your outdoor time much less pleasant.
The March Is On
Ants can come marching into the home without warning. They come in seeking moisture and food. Ants can and will build nests inside the wood in the home. Beetles will do this as well, and may prove even more problematic as their larvae can cause wood damage. A home inspector will look for any small holes that may indicate that ants and/or beetles have invaded the home.
Of Mice and Men
Mice and rats would prefer that humans get out of their way and let them take over the home. Mice are slightly less offensive than rats, as rats can carry several different diseases and will chew through nearly anything. This includes electrical wiring, ducting, insulation, etc. Even if they lose their life doing so, the damage will have been done. Mice and rats are great at hiding when people are near. However, they leave evidence of their presence for the home inspector in the form of feces, urine, nesting and other residual damage.
Spread Your Wings
...but please do it outside! Bats and birds can invade attic spaces. Bats can carry disease, and their droppings will be all over the attic in a short period of the time. Birds are also possible disease carriers, and also leave plenty of messy (and hazardous) droppings. Bottom line, they need to live outside the home.
A home inspector should not be confused with a pest control expert, and most are not licensed to render an opinion regarding whether a pest infestation exists. However, the inspector will report any pest related findings. Experienced inspectors will know just what to look for and will be able to spot an infestation problem quite easily, and make recommendations for a more technical analysis and plans for correction.

Areas Served: We serve the areas listed above as well as many others. If you do not see your city, please contact us. We will be proud to serve your city.
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