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Blog Q & A Q & A: Removing popcorn ceilings - Is it safe?
Q & A: Removing popcorn ceilings - Is it safe?
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DEAR HOUSECALL: Friends of mine are working on removing their acoustic popcorn ceilings in their home. Is that a safe thing to do? I heard that they should get it tested for asbestos first. If it is asbestos, what harm can it do to them?    - Shala in Carlsbad
It could contain asbestos if the home was built prior to the late 1970's, so you should have it tested.  A home inspector in your area can do this for you or you can opt for the DIY route.
The collection process is easy, just take a Zip-Loc bag and scrap a small amount of ceiling texture into the bag.  Obvious precautions here would include wearing a cartridge respirator or high quality dust mask and gloves, and washing your clothing following collection.  In reality, you really should not get any of the substance on you if you are careful.
Once you've got your collection, seal the Zip-Loc, label it with your name, property address and time/date of collection and take to an environmental lab in your area.  Google this:
I am a home inspector in San Diego and my environmental lab charges me $18 for a single asbestos sample.  With prices this reasonable, and I assume you can find similar prices in your area, it just makes sense to have it tested for the health and safety of your friends.
Good luck!

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Written on Sunday, 20 February 2011 15:37 by Darin Redding

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